Consultancy Services

Navigating the world of business IT is tricky. Everyone’s good at something, but no one has the time to do everything.

You’ve successfully deployed, but an expert pair of eyes can unlock further opportunity

Your business relies on Azure having successfully deployed and scaled or about to go live. The road to optimisation is within grasp bringing significant growth to the business if achieved correctly. Optimising performance within Azure is what we do best. Work with an expert to unlock your deployments true potential.

Use our Azure Technical Design Review as a final check before migration or a review to capitalise on the opportunities within your Azure deployment.

How will this help you?

Identify optimisation opportunities

You’ve invested in a great solution – let’s get the most out of it

Help to minimise risk

Provisioning against risk will save you future time and money

Help me make the most of Azure

What do you get?

A meeting of minds: We will meet with your technical architects to agree the scope of the project, share best practices and ask you to present your technical design.

Review: Following any updates from our first day we will conduct an offsite review and diagnosis of your technical design.

We will provide feedback on the technical design including opportunities for further optimisation and possible risks