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Navigating the world of business IT is tricky. Everyone’s good at something, but no one has the time to do everything.

Cloud Migration Assessment

Identify your route to the cloud

It’s time to assess your IT infrastructure strategy because you’re growing, looking for scalable cost management, or your servers are approaching end-of-support and can’t be relied on anymore. You need to review your options carefully so that your next decision is the right one. Consider an ambitious move to the cloud to reap the benefits of controlled spending, flexibility, data protection and much more. Our Cloud Migration Assessment is the right first step to help you visualise that journey. Our team of experts will review your current environment and provide a route to modernisation.

What will we do for you?

Assess your IT environment

The first step of cloud adoption is to review your current setup and usage. Remote monitoring of your current IT environment will determine the size requirements of a cloud environment so that you can plan to optimise for efficiency.

Run an assessment workshop

Our cloud specialists will hold a discovery workshop at your premises and speak with business stakeholders. This will clarify your requirements to outline the right roadmap to cloud adoption.

Produce a cloud adoption plan

We will return to your site to present the results of the Cloud Migration Assessment. You’ll have a clear and costed roadmap for a cloud migration. You’re ready to get started.

How will this help you?

Build a cloud vision

We will identify the right solution for your cloud migration. Successful projects are those that have complete buy in from the very beginning – the Cloud Migration Assessment roadmap will form the basis of a business plan to unlock stakeholder buy-in and kickstart your journey.

Technical certainty

Nobody wants expected surprises when undertaking an IT project. Because we have the expertise and proven experience, we can make sure all bases are covered.