Consultancy Services

Navigating the world of business IT is tricky. Everyone’s good at something, but no one has the time to do everything.

Digital transformation workshops

Don’t undertake your digital transformation journey alone

Moving to the cloud safely and successfully are the foundations to a successful digital transformation. Our Digital Transformation workshop gives you access to the expertise you need to achieve this. Our solution is tailor-made to your business. No one-size-fits-all. We do custom, not commonplace.

As a Gold Partner and Direct Cloud Solution Provider of Microsoft, we are what they call ‘subject matter experts’ on their cloud services. And, our ISO 27001 accreditation shows we have your security front of mind.

So what does the process look like?

Initial Call

First, we look to understand your business. Tell us your story, your mission, your ambitions. A big part of this is establishing your objectives for this service as well as agreeing the scope and deliverables.

From here, we’ll provide a Scope of Work which documents the agreed steps moving forward.


Here is where we tailor your specific needs and aims into an actionable plan. There are a lot of areas of analysis and workshops that we offer to suit different business focuses. So whether you’re all about business strategy or you want to look at the technical side, there‘s something for everyone.

Our consultants can canvas your management team, groups of employees or the whole company to understand pain points and opportunities via:

  1. Surveys
  2. Interviews
  3. Shadowing

Maximising your ROI

This is the really exciting bit. After all the above has been completed, we can provide a multitude of outputs. From technology recommendations and business case development to fully managed implementation projects and adoption change programmes. It’s the point when ideas start to become reality.

Most importantly, we’re here to support you and drive value from your investment. So, have you got that excited feeling in your stomach yet?