We’re a little proud of our support. In fact, more than that: it’s a big deal for us.

Expert Support for Azure

We’re here to support your growth

There’s no doubt about it: Azure is the right platform for your business. But how do you get the help and support you need to make it a success? Fortunately, we have the answer. Expert Support is available to all customers that transact their Azure spend through Cloud Direct.

Direct access

Get 24/7 service for critical incidents via phone, email or our exclusive Provide™ portal from a 100 strong team of Azure expert support engineers with a direct route to Microsoft to escalate service outages.

Depth access

We have Azure cloud architects available for bookable consultative advice about your Azure environment.

Self management

Get access to our Provide™ portal for ticket management, monitoring spend, a security posture dashboard, billing and invoicing, Knowledge Base articles and much, much more.

‘We knew Microsoft could give us the security levels we require, and that we could leave the brunt of the IT work to the professionals at Cloud Direct, letting us get on with servicing our clients.’ – Stewart Martin, partner, Edmund Carr