We’re a little proud of our support. In fact, more than that: it’s a big deal for us.

Support with Azure

Support however you need it

There’s no doubt about it: Azure is the right platform for your business. But how do you get the help and support you need to make it a success? Fortunately, we have the answer. We’ve designed multiple support services for Azure customers, meaning you can mix and match to get the help that’s right for you.

Our Azure support packages

  1. Inclusive Support:
    This includes support for login issues, navigating portals, investigating outages and, where applicable, creating, reading, writing and deleting entries.
  2. Azure Virtual Machine Management:
    Support and management of your Azure VMs including configuration, agreed start-up and shut-down settings, monitoring, and support of everything up to and including the operating system.
  3. Azure Premier Support:
    Offering an improved support service and help with advisory cases. Advisory cases include general Azure advice, assistance in fixing issues with deployments and configuration changes.

Depending on your package, each month you’ll receive advisory cases as part of your service. Want to find the best package for you? Let’s talk.

Our other Azure services include:

Azure billing

With access to the My Azure dashboard, through our customer portal PROVIDE™, you get real-time visibility of your Azure costs. View spending for each virtual machine and determine a monthly cost forecast based on usage. It’s visibility, taken to the next level.

Managed Azure

We offer Managed Azure services where we can provide the full scaffolding around your Microsoft Azure environment.

Azure Consultancy

We can also provide consultancy services which include assessing and evaluating an Azure migration, a security audit and an optimisation review of your Azure estate.

‘We knew Microsoft could give us the security levels we require, and that we could leave the brunt of the IT work to the professionals at Cloud Direct, letting us get on with servicing our clients.’ – Stewart Martin, partner, Edmund Carr