Microsoft Azure

You need IT that’s fast and flexible enough for today’s workloads and tomorrow’s demands.

Azure Overview

You need IT that’s fast and flexible enough for today’s workloads and tomorrow’s demands. Seasonal spikes, unpredictable growth and the pace of business make it difficult to plan long-term IT investments. Fortunately, Microsoft’s Azure can move as fast as you do.

Truly scalable. Affordable. On-demand. It’s a cloud computing platform that will help you seize new business opportunities when they happen. All without needing to invest in expensive hardware, software and manpower. How does that sound?

  1. Next-level cloud services
    Azure offers both Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS) capabilities. So it can handle your essential workloads like backup, disaster recovery and application hosting.

    Did we mention encrypted communications and threat management and mitigation practices that help keep data secure and available? Plus, Azure features transparent privacy policies to meet national, international and industry-specific standards for compliance, such as ISO 27001 and ISO/IEC 27018 for cloud privacy. That’s all bases covered.
  2. Do more with Azure
    With Azure, you can provision new services in minutes, so you’ll never miss another opportunity. It brings together computing, networking, analytics, storage, database, web, Internet of Things and mobile services that make it much easier to build apps. It’s also an open platform that supports a wide range of operating systems, languages and devices, so you can use it with the skills and technologies you already have, including Linux.
  3. Why Azure with Cloud Direct?
    We’re a Microsoft Gold partner, and officially one of only a handful of accredited Microsoft Azure Expert MSPs globally so we’ve got plenty of experience. The requirements to achieve this accreditation from Microsoft are the most stringent of any Microsoft program, leaving our customers safe in the knowledge they're working with the very best. We can provide the full scaffolding around your Azure instance with our Managed Azure service. This includes Azure Site Recovery and Azure Backup.

    Whether you opt for full cloud or a hybrid solution, we’ll design bespoke architecture and manage the setup and migration. So whatever your business needs, we’ll help you realise Azure’s potential with seamless delivery and ongoing support.

Azure Expert MSP accreditation

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