Microsoft Azure

You need IT that’s fast and flexible enough for today’s workloads and tomorrow’s demands.

Azure Billing

My Azure is our unique billing platform providing real-time visibility of your Azure costs.

Why is it good for customers? Two words: visibility and control. With My Azure, you can:

  1. Monitor your Azure spend during the month, with predictions for full-month spend, giving greater visibility and enabling you to amend usage to bring spend within budget.
  2. View a granular breakdown of spend to see exactly where your Azure spend is coming from. This provides further control by enabling you to assess if what you’re spending on, such as a certain Virtual Machine, is worth it.
  3. See how your usage has changed over a 12-month period by looking back at usage. This can help justify the increases in spend to the rest of the business and could provide evidence of optimisation works based on the change in spend.

This level of visibility lets you see exactly where your money is going. So it’s much more granular than a central IT budget. Nevermore will you have to guess which projects are eating up investment without a return.

See how My Azure worked out for disability charity Scope in our case study.