Microsoft Azure

You need IT that’s fast and flexible enough for today’s workloads and tomorrow’s demands.

Citrix in Azure

Reduce IT costs and increase efficiency with cloud Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) solutions on Microsoft Azure with Citrix.

Your employees no longer need high-spec desktops. A simple device and an internet connection is all your employees need to access all their applications and desktop in the cloud. From any device, they can access all their applications as if they were working from their desktop PC. Pretty nifty, right?

We will plan and deliver a migration project with Citrix in Azure to improve services and optimise your investment.

Curious about how much you could save by switching to Citrix VDI on Azure? Check out our calculator.

XenApp and XenDesktop

Deploy XenApp and XenDesktop on Azure and give IT departments the flexibility to deliver enterprise-class VDI infrastructure services for Windows applications and desktops. All with the benefit of cloud elasticity. It simplifies management and reduces costs. So customers only pay for what they use.

NetScaler on Azure

Citrix NetScaler is the perfect delivery solution for your business applications.

Citrix NetScaler on Microsoft Azure provides a cloud-native proxy solution for all cloud-hosted applications. What’s more, it’s available today with pay-as-you-go licensing through Azure.

  1. Application-specific templates
    Everything is easier when you can follow a template. That’s why NetScaler offers seamless compatibility with your infrastructure via customisable configuration templates for key Microsoft applications.
  2. SharePoint response times up to 80%
    NetScaler has been proven to enhance user experience. It provides compression, caching, load balancing and SSL acceleration which all add up to 80 percent faster response times. With a 150-fold reduction in client-to-server connections, it dramatically cuts data centre expenses.

ShareFile on Azure

Want to store your data in Microsoft-hosted worldwide data centres? Want to manage data on premise in Citrix-managed secure cloud storage? Or maybe you’d prefer a hybrid solution? The choice is yours with ShareFile on Azure.

Azure brings a world of opportunities for businesses. Are you ready to get in on the action?