Skype for Business

Move to the cloud for professional, flexible and easy to manage communication systems.

Skype With Office 365

A Dynamic Duo

Running your phone system through Skype allows your business to avoid having to buy, install and manage an onsite private branch exchange (PBX). You’ll still have all the features your organisation needs – like voicemail, call forwarding, call transfer and call waiting – but without the capital investments and management costs.

And, because Skype for Business and Office 365 work hand-in-hand, your system is always up to date with state-of-the art features.

Privacy as standard

Office 365 offers enhanced security features from encryption and security protocols to physical and operational security that will protect your business. PSTN calling enables key services, security, and support that traditional phone lines can’t match.

Upgrade with Cloud Direct

Overhauling your traditional phone system is a big move. Fortunately, we’re old hands at it. We’ve helped a lot of businesses upgrade over the years. We’re ready to help you.