Supercharge your Cloud Journey with Microsoft Funding

Thursday 25th May, 10:00 – 10:30

Microsoft has extra funding available until the end of June to support your Azure migration 

Did you know Microsoft and Cloud Direct have exclusive funding, assessments and workshops to help accelerate your cloud journey, regardless of what stage you’re at? But you’ll have to act fast! Microsoft’s financial year coming to an end, you have until the end of June to claim any funding.

Our experts are hosting a webinar to help you understand what’s available for your business and how you can start leveraging the funding available. Sign up to learn more.

Who is this event for? IT professionals looking to understand the resources available to help accelerate their Microsoft Cloud journey, and how they can claim the 50% additional funding.

During this webinar, we will be highlighting

An introduction to the Microsoft and Cloud Direct partnership

Cloud Direct are one of Microsoft’s closest, and fastest-growing partners. This unique partnership offers you direct access to funded resources to de-risk your Microsoft Cloud journey.

An overview of the different resources available

As one of Microsofts closest partners, we can help you access exclusive Workshops, Assessments, Funding and Proof of Concepts to accelerate your Azure Migration. We will be diving into each of the resource options available to qualifying accounts.

A dive into the different solutions and workloads the resources cover

Each of these resources will cover different workloads

How you can use the funding before you loose it

Our experts will then highlight how you can start leveraging the funded resources you qualify for before the end of June when you could lose access to the funding!

Q&A session with our experts

We’ll host a short Q&A session to help answer any questions you may have about leveraging the resources available for your migration.

Companies who have benefitted from funding

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