The Power of Automation: Financial and Insurance Firms' Roadmap for Microsoft Copilot & OpenAI

Live Webinar | Tuesday 12th December | 11:00 AM to 11:45 AM

Empower your Financial and Insurance Firms’ data with Microsoft Copilot and OpenAI

The financial services industry faces multiple challenges regarding data, customers and compliance. Firstly, organisations must adhere to complex web of regulatory compliance which varies by region. Staying compliant and adapting to changes pose a strong challenge in the industry. Secondly, financial institutions deals with vast amounts of sensitive data, making them constant targets for cyber criminals and fraud. Finally, FSIs are constantly adapting to evolving customer needs and customer journeys, with an unprecedented pace of change to keep up with.

Microsoft Copilot brings its growing set of skills to tackle these issues:

  •  Large language models can be adapted to automate compliance checks ensuring you adhere to the latest regulations.
  •  Copilot can be trained to develop algorithms that analyse customer behaviour in comparison with historic data to identify security threats or fraudulent activity.
  •  Copilot can be integrated into customer service platforms to provide more efficient and natural interactions with clients.

Our Cloud Evangelist, Leon Godwin, is hosting a webinar to help you understand the value of harnessing Copilot and OpenAI, and the foundations your Financial and Insurance Firm needs to adopt them successfully.

Who is this event for? IT and data leaders in the Finance and Insurance industry who are looking at harnessing the latest technology.

What's on the agenda?

The evolution of Tech in the Financial and Insurance sector

We will start by diving into how technology has empowered the Financial and Insurance sector.

The foundations you need to start adopting AI

Leon will dive into the foundations you need to have in place in order to start looking at adopting and implementing AI in your Finance or Insurance Firm.

Preparing your Financial and Insurance Firms' data

We will explore the fundamental principles of crafting a data strategy tailored to the unique needs and challenges faced by financial and insurance professionals. Learn how to leverage data as a strategic asset to gain a competitive edge.

Azure OpenAI Essentials

Discover how Azure OpenAI can empower your Financial and Insurance Firm by leveraging AI and machine learning to analyse vast datasets, automate processes, and make better decisions.

Microsoft Copilot Unveiled

Get an exclusive look into how Microsoft Copilot is transforming the way financial and insurance professionals work by assisting in code generation, document drafting, and enhancing collaboration within your financial and insurance team.

Use Cases: How Financial and Insurance firms are leveraging Copilot & OpenAI

Gain valuable insights from our industry experts demonstrating how to integrate these cutting-edge technologies into your organisation seamlessly.

This webinar will be hosted by:

Leon Godwin

Cloud Direct’s Principal Cloud Evangelist

Henry Bird

Senior Cloud Executive, Cloud Direct

Steve Donne

Microsoft Enterprise Cloud Specialist, Cloud Direct

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