Cloud for Architecture, Engineering & Construction

We help Architecture, Engineering and Construction businesses harness the power of the Microsoft cloud to work collaboratively and increase efficiency.

Cloud computing is a crucial part of many Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) businesses – why? Simple. Because it is such a competitive and lucrative industry that the businesses that are winning are the ones that identify efficiencies and modern ways of working.

Architecture, Engineering and Construction firms often struggle to access applications and files from different locations. Previously restricted by heavy duty machinery and VPN bottlenecks, firms are now realising the benefits of cloud computing. From enabling collaborative working across offices and onsite, to reducing Capex overheads and empowering businesses to scale. The cloud is revolutionising the way the AEC industry works.

“There’s a definite business benefit to the cloud…it gave us a much faster more complete capability for us and our clients”
Matt Knott, Head of Digital, Boyes Rees

Put simply, moving to the cloud allows you to do more with less. All you need is an internet connection and you can access your data, applications and more from any device, in any location. Allowing you to connect your job sites and scale your business.
Complete more projects on time and in budget with the cloud

Through our customer base and network in the AEC industry, we recognised some of the issues faced are, typically, not supported by the legacy technology being used. This can lead to siloed information, inefficiencies and project delays.

“Most companies see they have these issues, but they don’t realise there is another solution.”
Business Case Chair, UK BIM Alliance

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Benefits of cloud computing for the AEC industry

85% of contractors have already implemented, or are planning to implement, cloud computing. Find out why you should join them:

Connected sites
The cloud allows you to connect your back office with your on-site teams. Store and process your data in the cloud - making it easier than ever for your teams to collaborate on files and applications when out the office. This will give you a real-time view of your data and applications from any location.
Increase business resilience
Stay resilient in the cloud with frequent backups and site recovery of your business-critical applications and data. Your business can’t afford downtime. But having a secondary data centre on standby doesn’t come cheap. Azure Site Recovery (ASR) automatically protects your IT infrastructure and extends your data centre into the cloud when you need it.
Fire, flood, server failure and even computer viruses: no disaster can outmatch ASR. When the worst happens, your business can be back up and running within minutes, with no risk to your business-critical data. How’s that for peace of mind?
Reduce Downtime
Fee earners are expensive. And we understand making the most out of their time is important. You don’t want them sitting idle waiting for applications to upload or download or for VPN bottlenecks to clear. By hosting your applications in the cloud you can reduce waiting time and carry on working - saving time and money. Ultimately, allowing you to do complete more projects on time and in budget.
Cost management flexibility
Moving to the cloud will allow your business to move from Capex to Opex with ease. The clouds pay-as-you-go model lifts the burden of an upfront investment. It removes any hardware limitations your business is currently facing, providing you with a scalable platform that can be tailored to your specific business needs, and helping you meet any future goals.
Simplify data processing
The cloud allows you to make the most of your data. It enables you to gain valuable insights into your data whilst storing it securely. Do you have large files? Cloud computing not only enables you to access and process these files in real time but also provides your organisation with the flexibility and scalability your business needs to process this data.

The AEC industry is constantly under time and budget constraints, so take the pressure off by using cloud computing to improve productivity.

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Cloud solutions for the AEC industry

We’re proud to be leading the AEC industry with our cloud capabilities. Cloud Direct is the first in the industry to create a proof of concept for BIM-on-Azure using our expertise in Citrix-on-Azure. We’ve gone the extra mile to make sure we can offer you the products you need to achieve fearless growth.


Azure can take your Building Information Modelling system to the next level. We’re the first in the industry to prove the power and potential capability of Azure hosted BIM with UK architecture firm, Boyes Rees. Their Head of Digital, Matt Knott, was keen to explore how technology could improve business processes and resolve their collaboration headaches and improve efficiency, especially for their BIM processing. Which is how BIM software-on-Azure was born. BIM-on-Azure can provide your business with remote capabilities, modern working methods and fast data-rich modelling alongside real-time collaboration. Read more about the trailblazing Boyes Rees here.

“BIM-on-Azure gives us the capacity of a larger more powerful desktop PC but in a virtual environment, we can access on a lightweight platform and just as importantly synchronise back to a central model. That platform might be a Surface Pro, or it might be £300 laptop which wouldn’t ordinarily have the oomph to run Revit® files.”
Matt Knott, Head of Digital, Boyes Rees

We’re already supporting many AEC businesses harness the power of the cloud.

We’ve been recognised by Microsoft as an Azure Expert Managed Service Provider. The Azure Expert MSP program is a global initiative from Microsoft to highlight and promote only the most capable partners. (There are only 32 in the world!) And it’s not just Azure. We have six other Microsoft Gold Partner accreditations, a dedicated modern workplace practice area which implemented the first Microsoft 365 solution in the UK, and we are a certified Citrix Partner.

Want to find out more about how the cloud can support your AEC business? Whether you’re ready to make the jump to the cloud or would like to simply find out a bit more information, our experts can provide you with all the information you need. Thinking of moving your office online? We can help you have a smooth Office 365 rollout. Looking for something bigger? We can help you migrate to Azure. Simply get in contact with us today and we can help you harness the power of the cloud.