Cloud for Financial Services

We help Financial businesses harness the power of the Microsoft cloud to work collaboratively and increase efficiency.

The financial industry is rapidly evolving. It’s transforming into a digital workplace that operates in the cloud. Is your business keeping up with this shift? Now’s the time to adapt and stay ahead of the curve.  

With recent laws and legislation put in place, such as MiFID II, PCI-DSS and GDPR, it can be complicated to stay compliant. The Microsoft Cloud provides your business with the tools to quickly react and meet any new industry-specific regulations.    

It’s often the case that financial businesses don’t have the in-house knowledge and expertise to start moving into the cloud. Which is why you’re considering working with an expert. Working with the right partner will allow you to focus on what really matters. Saving you both time and money. 

It’s never been easier to enter the market due to software and technology capabilities – meaning the competition has never been higher. It’s important for your business to adopt these trends to drive innovation within your industry. And your first step could be harnessing the cloud. It will open you up to new opportunities, providing your business with the flexibility and scalability it needs to meet your business objectives. Helping you stay ahead of the curve. 

Not addressing these common challenges could put your business at risk of being uncompliant with industry standards, whilst costing your business valuable time and resources. 

“Security and encryption are very high on our agenda, so we now have the added confidence in Microsoft servers. Their reliability is so much better than any physical box we had.” 
Barristers Accountancy Firm 

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Benefits of cloud computing for the Financial Industry

Moving to the cloud will enable your business to work smarter, whilst staying secure. Find out why 85% of global systemically important financial institutions (GSIFI) trust on Microsoft Azure & Office 365. 

Get more done whilst staying compliant
Microsoft invests over $1 billion every year to ensure their services are built to comply with the highest security, privacy, compliance and transparency standards. With new regulations and frequent requirement changes, it’s important to build an effective governance model that’s optimised to meet these changes. Quickly. Allowing you to focus on what really matters. You’ll have the control you need on confidentiality and recordkeeping in Azure – meeting the strict industry-specific requirements you’re faced with.
Win over customers with a better experience
Improving efficiency within your organisation will help you drive innovation, helping you deliver a better customer experience. Cloud computing allows you automate and improve processes which will rapidly increase the speed of delivery. What’s best is cloud computing can be part of your disaster recovery plan. Meaning there will be no downtime for you or your customers.
CapEx to OpEx
Moving to the cloud will allow your business to move from CapEx to OpEx with ease. OpEx is a pay-as-you-go model that lifts the burden of an upfront investment. The cloud removes any hardware limitations your business is currently facing, providing you with a scalable platform that can be tailored to your specific business needs, and helping you meet any future goals.

The financial industry is constantly under pressure to keep up with the competition whilst staying secure. Take the pressure off by using cloud computing to keep your business compliant. Azure makes the process of staying compliant whilst keeping up with the fast-moving industry as easy as 1, 2, 3. 

Working with an expert will allow you to focus on what really matters whilst saving both time and money.

“We knew we wanted to work in Azure, but we needed an expert partner who could explain the options available to us and help us develop our global cloud strategy. Rather than simply focusing on the technology, Cloud Direct’s specialist engineers listened to our business needs before exploring the different solutions that could work for us.” 
Stewart Martin, Partner, Edmund Carr  

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We’re already supporting many Financial businesses harness the power of the cloud.

We’ve been recognised by Microsoft as an Azure Expert Managed Service Provider. The Azure Expert MSP program is a global initiative from Microsoft to highlight and promote only the most capable partners. (There are only 32 in the world!) And it’s not just Azure. We have six other Microsoft Gold Partner accreditations, a dedicated modern workplace practice area which implemented the first Microsoft 365 solution in the UK, and we are a certified Citrix Partner.

Want to find out more about how the cloud can support your AEC business? Whether you’re ready to make the jump to the cloud or would like to simply find out a bit more information, our experts can provide you with all the information you need. Thinking of moving your office online? We can help you have a smooth Office 365 rollout. Looking for something bigger? We can help you migrate to Azure. Simply get in contact with us today and we can help you harness the power of the cloud.