Installing the Azure/Cloudberry Backup agent

Azure Backup is a service to back up and restore data in the cloud also known as Cloudberry Backup. It replaces existing on-premises or off-site backup solutions with a cloud-based solution that is reliable, secure, and cost-competitive. It delivers protection for customers' data no matter where it resides – in the enterprise data centre, in remote and branch offices or in the public cloud – while being sensitive to the unique requirements that these scenarios pose.

This article explains how to download and install the Cloud Direct Azure Backup agent.


Before commencing this task, you must have received an Azure Backup login information email from Cloud Direct containing your account details, and required download links.

System requirements

Before installing the Azure Backup agent, ensure your system meets the following minimum software requirements:

Operating System:

  • Microsoft Windows Server 2003 (32-bit, 64 bit)
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2008 (32-bit, 64 bit)
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 (32-bit, 64 bit)
  • Microsoft Windows XP (32-bit, 64 bit)
  • Microsoft Windows Vista (32-bit, 64 bit)
  • Microsoft Windows 7 (32-bit, 64 bit)

.NET Framework

  • .Net Framework 2.0

Downloading the Azure Backup agent files

To download the Cloud Direct Azure Backup agent files, proceed as follows.

  1. From your Azure Backup login information email, click on the required download link.

One of the download options shown is Bare-Metal Backup. This is a technique where the backed up data is available in a form that allows restoration from "bare metal", i.e. without any requirements as to previously installed software or operating system.

  1. The required install file is downloaded, and appears on your desktop.

  1. Click to open the install file.

A User Account Control dialogue box appears.

  1. Click Yes.

The Setup Wizard appears.

  1. Click Next.

The Choose user mode dialogue box appears.

  1. Select from the two options:
    1. Common – All users of the computer/server have the same settings and backup plans.
    2. Personal – Each user has individual settings and backup plans.
  2. Click Next.

The Choose Install Location dialogue box appears, showing the Destination Folder location for the installation.

If you would rather install to a different location then use the Browse button to select a new location.

  1. Click Install.

The installation begins, and after a short wait the following dialogue box appears.

  1. Click Finish.

The Setup Wizard closes, and the Azure Backup Account login dialogue box appears.

  1. Referring to your Azure Backup login information email, enter your Email address and Password details.
  2. Click OK.

The Azure Backup agent interface opens.

The Cloud Direct Azure Backup agent is now installed on your computer.

The Setup Wizard will have installed an icon on your desktop to enable quick access to the Azure Backup agent in the future.

Please refer to KB0011327, Accessing and navigating the Azure Backup agent for a brief overview of the Cloud Direct Azure Backup agent. For further articles on how to begin backing up data with Cloud Direct Azure Backup, refer to the Cloud Direct knowledge base.