Using BroadCloud Simultaneous Ring

In today's business world, fixed‐mobile convergence (FMC) isn't a luxury, it's a necessity. With more and more employees working out of the office, it's becoming increasingly difficult for customers and colleagues to reach these remote workers given the number of different devices and numbers (mobile, office, home) they may be using.

Simultaneous Ring is a mobility solution that lets end-users designate a single phone number for all incoming calls, regardless of which phone they are currently using (mobile, office PBX, home, etc). End-users receive the added benefit of a common business calling "experience" across all devices.

The BroadCloud Simultaneous Ring feature provided by Cloud Direct, has the following functionality:

  • One Business Number - Calls to a single number ring all phones, and the user is free to answer on any device.
  • Simultaneous Ring Web Portal - Self-service management of a user's phones (add, delete, etc).


The attached document, BroadCloud PBX: Simultaneous Ring, provides all the information you need to get the best from this feature.