Importing multiple new Team Members in Workplace

Cloud Direct knowledge article KB0012300, Adding a new Team Member in Workplace, describes how to add a new Team Member to your Datto Workplace team. However, if there are multiple new Team Members to add then it may be quicker and easier to import these as a single group rather than add them individually.

This article describes how to add a group of new Team Members by importing a list previously saved as a .csv file.

Only Team Administrators can import new Team Members.

Before commencing this procedure, it is assumed that you are logged in to Workplace Online, with the appropriate Administrator privileges.


Importing new Team Members

To import a list of new Team Members, proceed as follows.

  1. From Workplace Online, select the Team tab, and then ensure the sub-tab, Members, is selected.
  2. Click Import Members.

The Import new Members from a CSV file page opens.

There appears to be two methods available here for importing new members; Import from a CSV file, or copy an existing team member. This article will focus on Import new Members from a CSV file.

  1. Click Choose File, to open a file browser.
  2. Using the file browser, navigate to the .csv file containing the new Team Member details, and click Open.

The selected .csv filename appears to the right of the Choose File button, where previously No file chosen was seen.

It is important to ensure that the syntax of the .csv file is correct or the import will fail. The first column of the list must contain full names of the new Team Members, the second column contains email addresses, and the third column contains phone numbers in the following format - +44 (1234) 123456.

  1. Click Import.

The list of new Team Members is imported into your Datto Workplace team.

  1. Ensure the new Team Members that you would like to import have a tick in the checkbox adjacent to the name. If any name not required then untick the associated checkbox.
  2. A default storage value of 200GB is allocated to each new Member. If you wish to change this value then do so using the options boxes in the Storage column.
  3. Click Create Members.

The new Team Member accounts are created. The Import new Members from a CSV file page closes, and all new Team Member details now appear in the list of Members.

Action required from new Team Members

All new Members receive a Welcome email, similar to the example below, containing the information necessary to start collaborating on Datto Workplace Projects.

To activate the new account, the Team Member must click Activate account, and follow the on-screen instructions.