Operational resilience in financial services with Microsoft Cloud

Live Webinar | Monday 18th March | 11:00 AM – 11:45 AM

How do you strengthen operational resilience and reduce risk in financial services?

With the surge of technological transformation in financial services, operational resilience has become an area of focus for financial services institutions (FSI), regulators and technology providers.

FSIs are using critical third-party providers to handle multiple services. This delivers tremendous benefits in innovation, flexibility and efficiency. But if these services are not correctly managed, there are credible risks to the institution and the ecosystem.

Our webinar will help you contextualise the DP3/22 regulation, make sense of the FSB’s new toolkit, and prepare your organisation for any future regulation changes and challenges.

Who is our expert? Richard Cheney, our Azure Practice Lead, will present this webinar. Richard previously spent 7 years at Microsoft as a Senior Cloud Solutions Architect and has more than 25 years of experience in IT.

Who is this event for? This webinar is perfect for IT Leaders in the FSI Sector.

What's on the agenda?

What's going on in the FSI sector?

Last year, the Financial Stability Board (FSB), serving as an international overseer of the global financial system, published a consultative document titled “Enhancing Third-Party Risk Management and Oversight,” providing a toolkit to streamline operations, reduce compliance expenses, and improve stakeholder collaboration.

Additionally, the Bank of England issued “DP3/22 – Operational resilience: Critical Third Parties to the UK Financial Sector” – demonstrating continuous endeavours to strengthen the sector’s resilience.

Enhancing operational resilience across the financial services ecosystem

We understand that recent regulatory developments can complicate how financial firms purchase, implement and manage their services and technologies. We’ll discuss the toolkit that the Financial Stability Board designed to help overcome this.

Six-step model for financial services resilience

We’ll dive into the six-step process firms should follow to address regulatory requirements

  1. Update cloud risk governance
  2. Identify concentration
  3. Assess alternatives
  4. Design for resilience
  5. Test business continuity plan
  6. Prepare exit plans
Get ahead of regulatory changes

With banking regulatory changes expected in 2024, proactive measures are crucial. In response to evolving external factors, banking leaders need to assess how emerging trends, as well as proposed and final regulations, impact legal entities, business, and operational structures.

Q&A Session

We’ll end this webinar with a Q&A session with Richard and Henry. Come prepared with any questions you have about migrating to Azure.

This webinar will be hosted by:

Richard Cheney

Azure Practice Lead

Henry Bird

Senior Cloud Sales Executive

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