Registering and downloading Connected Backup software


You may register and create a free 30-day Connected Backup Trial account, or a fully supported long term account for continued protection. Please contact your Cloud Direct Solutions Specialist on 0800 0789437, or at for details.

The Connected Backup Agent software may be downloaded and installed on a PC, or on an Apple Mac. The PC Trial software creates an account that automatically selects Office documents for backup by default. The Mac Trial software requires the customer to select data for backup following installation. Both Trial versions have a storage backup limit of 10GB and expire in 30 days. It is important to note that, while Cloud Direct pre-selects Office documents as backup examples during the 30-day PC Trial, the personal selection of valuable data to protect following any Trial remains firmly with the customer. 

This article describes how to:

The examples shown in this article are taken from a PC installation, but the procedure for Apple Mac users is very similar. It is important to ensure that you download the appropriate file for PC or Apple Mac during the Registration process.


Registering your Connected Backup software

To register a Connected Backup account, proceed as follows.

  1. Download your Connected Backup Agent software by clicking the appropriate link provided in your Welcome email from Cloud Direct.

The Connected Backup Account Management, Welcome page opens.

  1. Click Register and Download.

The Accept Service License Agreement page opens.

  1. Click Accept.

The Enter Registration Information page opens.

  1. Fill in all required fields. These are marked with a red asterix.
  2. Click Continue.

The Registration Complete page opens.

Registration is complete and you may now download the Agent software.


Downloading and installing your Connected Backup Agent software

Downloading your Connected Backup Agent

To download your customised Connected Backup Agent installation software, proceed as follows.

  1. From the Registration Complete page, click the Download Software button.

The Download Instructions page appears.

  1. Click Begin Download.

The AgentSetup.msi file is downloaded to your computer .

  1. Click the downloaded link button to continue the install.
  2. If the following screen appears, click More info, then select Run anyway.

The Connected Backup Agent Installer page appears. This shows your personal Connected Backup Account Number.

  1. Click Next.

The Application License Agreement appears.

  1. Select Accept terms in license agreement.
  2. Click Next.

The Install Options page appears.

Installing your Connected Backup Agent

From the Install Options page,

  1. Click Next, to install the Agent in the default folder and create a shortcut on the desktop.

The Agent software installation proceeds.

After a short wait, the User Account Control page appears.

  1. Click Yes.

The Agent software installation proceeds to completion.

  1. Click Finish to close the installer.


Opening Connected Backup after installation

Shortly after closing the installer, the following window appears.

If you wish to open the application, proceed as follows.

  1. Enter the password that you created earlier in Step 4 of Registering your Connected Backup software.
  2. Click OK.

The following window appears while your profile synchronizes with the Data Centre.

When synchronization is complete, the following screen appears, indicating your Connected Backup account has been successfully set up.

  1. Click Close.

The Connected Backup icon  appears in your System Tray, and on your Desktop.

The application opens on the Home page.