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Office 365: Is internet access required for Office 365?

Here’s an interesting one. Do I need internet access to use Office 365. The answer isn’t as obvious as you might think.

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Why bigger isn't always better: my post-graduation SME experience

Having previously completed an industrial placement year for a large corporation based in London, I can fully appreciate the benefits working for such a big business has to offer: I enjoyed my time there, learned and developed a lot, and loved being able to associate myself with such a large brand.

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Go with the ‘Flow’: new automation from Office 365

If your people are struggling or wasting time performing repetitive daily tasks in Office 365, you might be interested in Microsoft’s new automation tool – Microsoft Flow. It allows you to automate and integrate business processes and common tasks across Office 365 cloud products like Exchange Online, SharePoint and OneDrive. So, let’s gear up and find out how we can go with the flow.


News update from Microsoft HQ – July 2016

Discover the best information sources, the latest in security news, how Microsoft moved one of its own critical database environment to the cloud with Azure – and so much more.

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SharePoint: a lover not a hater

I confess that my 15 years with SharePoint have been something of a love-hate relationship. But now, fresh from July’s Microsoft World Partner Conference in Toronto, I am pleased to share that my love and enthusiasm for SharePoint is reinvigorated. I now see an exciting future for SharePoint and me.

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Microsoft Azure news - July 2016

Read the latest new update for Microsoft Azure

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Microsoft Office 365 news - July 2016

Office 365 recently passed its five-year anniversary. Since launching in 2011, Office 365 has become the cloud service and productivity suite of choice for a growing number of small and medium-sized businesses and government agencies amongst others. Catch up on July news to find out why.

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Redblade acquisition: Cloud Direct dives deep with new technical expertise for customers

The deal will give Cloud Direct customers access to an increased level of technical expertise. This is strategically important at a time when businesses are looking to move more of their critical IT to the cloud – like their business applications, for example. Cloud Direct customers will now benefit from Redblade’s highly technical professionals who can design, build and manage business critical solutions for high performance, agility and security.


Cloud Direct launches new business support suite for Microsoft Office 365

Cloud Direct, a Microsoft gold direct partner for small-midsize cloud solutions, has launched a support suite for Microsoft Office 365 business users and IT administrators. The Office 365 support suite from Cloud Direct works to fill the gap left by Microsoft, which no longer offers the same level of service to small-medium organisations. The support suite helps businesses optimise their ROI from Office 365 by offering professional services consultancy, technical support and a helpdesk for end-users and IT staff.

Bring your own device (BYOD)

Data corruption, breach and loss: how endpoint protection lifts the three curses of business mobility

Today’s professionals are mobile. Constantly on the go. And they’re bringing their own devices (BYOD) into the work environment. So you have the challenge of making sure business data and systems remain secure and compliant – yet accessible anytime and anywhere, on any device. This article investigates how endpoint protection can lift the three curses that come with business mobility: 1) data corruption, 2) data breach and 3) data loss.

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