Bath and North East Somerset Council: Creating a Business Case for Microsoft Cloud

Start your council’s Azure journey by hearing from one of your peers

For local and regional governments, taking on a large digital transformation journey to the cloud is no easy task. There are questions around cloud efficiency and cost-cutting on IT as well as uncertainty from the wider team, which are just some of the challenges that a council could face.

But for Bath and North East Somerset Council who wanted to become more efficient and reliable with their IT operations, Cloud Direct is on hand to help them overcome these challenges as they embark on a cloud migration journey to Microsoft Azure.

We hosted a webinar with Liam Abbott, Head of IT at Bath and North East Somerset Council. Hear from Liam as they share the story of their Azure migration journey, the challenges they faced along the way and share how you too can overcome these challenges.

You’ll also learn about the key considerations as part of an Azure migration journey, from Culture, Costing, Upskilling, Building your Roadmap and more.