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No digital transformation is exactly like yours. But there is a golden thread of questions that come hand-in-hand with the curious (our favourite kind of people).

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I’ve forgotten my password for PROVIDE. Is it the end of the world?

Don’t sweat it – We literally know of no one who hasn’t been in this exact position. Passwords escape us. It’s a thing. Simply click on this link below and we can help solve your problem:

Where can I find Cloud Direct’s terms and conditions?

You’re into fine print, too? It must be love. For all our terms and conditions, along with other bits of useful legal stuff, click here:

How do I get a free trial for Microsoft Azure?

All hail the Azure Free Account! Eligible customers can sign up and start FREE with £150 credit to spend on most Azure services, for a full 30 days.

Want to test the waters?
Click here to get started:

Alternatively, if you’re medium sized business and you’d prefer us to set up the account for you – no problem. Simply call us to discuss. Easy.

What happens after I use my £150 credit. Or when my 30 days are done? No matter which one comes first, you’ll need to remove the ‘Spending Limit’ on your account if you want to continue using it for free.

Here’s what you need to do:
Log in to your Azure account and remove your ‘Spending Limit.’ This will upgrade your account to pay-as-you-go subscription, which simply means you can continue using your Azure Free Account, as well as selected free services.

*Please note: Unused credits cannot be carried over to a new month and cannot be transferred to other Azure subscriptions.

Azure portal
How do I manage my Azure data estate?

Easy. Just log directly into Azure:

Do I need a credit card to have Azure?

Absolutely not. You can pay us once we’ve invoiced you at the end of each month. Your invoice will be what you spent that month.

How often will I be billed for my Azure consumption?

As mentioned above, you are billed at the end of each month, based on what you spent. Don’t like surprises? Track what you spend in our MyAzure portal. PS: It even predicts your future spend. Fancy.

What is Microsoft 365?

Microsoft 365 is the mothership. And your destination? Digital transformation. This powerful suite combines Office 365, Enterprise Mobility and Security, and Windows 10. Not familiar with these have-to-have-it-sounding things?

What licence types are available for Microsoft 365? I want to be legit.

Well done. Pirates are meant for the ocean, not the cloud.
There are 3 different licence types for Microsoft 365:

1 ) Small business (300 seats or less)
2 ) Enterprise
3) Frontline worker

Need to know more about which license suits you best?
Click here:

Do all my staff need to have Microsoft 365?

Look, they’re bound to benefit from it. But no, it’s not entirely necessary. What we can set up is a staged roll-out. Or alternatively, allowing access to selected teams only. Whatever you want, you’ve got it.

Can I try before I buy?

Free trials for Microsoft 365 are indeed available, but only on certain licences.
Find out on which ones, simply give us a ring and we’ll fill you in.

0800 0315 966

What is included in Office 365? Give me the lowdown.

In short, it’s awesome. With what seems to be an endless amount of products under the Office 365 umbrella, you can start replacing your proprietary systems with ease. The products you get obviously depend on the licence you choose – but here’s a comprehensive run down of them all:

Office 365

What licence types are available for Office 365? I want the real deal.

Fantastic. Good to know you’re not some angsty teenager pirating software in your mother’s basement. There is a range of licences for Office 365, depending on which products pique your interest.

Learn which one is suited to your business, here:

Don’t feel like reading stuff?
We feel you. Besides, we’re experts in all things Microsoft, so you may as well give us a ring. We’ll happily talk you through the different licences and decide which is best for your business.

Do I need to sign-up for a full year?

No you don’t need to. We’re all about monthly rolling subscriptions, which means you’re never tied down and you always have the flexibility to increase, change or decrease licences as your business evolves.

Where can I find my Service Level Agreement (SLA)?

You can download our SLAs and any other legal info, here:

Where do I raise a support ticket?

Raising a support ticket is like raising your hand for help. And helping is pretty much our favourite thing to do. We’ve even won awards for it.

If you’re an existing customer and need our help, please log a call in our PROVIDE portal:

If you’re new to this cloud thing, call or mail us so we can tell you a little more about the benefits of digital transformation.

t: 0800 0315 966

I want 24/7 support. How can I upgrade?

We’re so excited to be the friend that you can call any time. Check out our different kinds of support packages, here: . And remember, you can upgrade any time.

If you’re an existing customer just give your account manager a ring or contact

If you’re not a customer yet, but you want 24/7 award winning support – simply contact our sales team to discuss the right support package for you.

t: 0800 0315 966

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