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Your business is growing. Technology keeps evolving. And your ability to adapt means your survival. Cloud Direct keeps you relevant and at the forefront of innovation.

Ready to build, learn, and grow with the experts?

We make it our business to understand yours

Thousands of ambitious organisations have relied on us to unlock the power of the cloud and help grow their businesses - quickly, fearlessly, and with absolute transparency.

Choose evolution over stagnation

To survive and thrive in this age of disruption, your organisation needs to be agile, courageous, and prepared. Lucky for you, that’s our speciality - we bulletproof your business.

By leveraging the very best Microsoft cloud technologies out there, we get to focus on your unique business needs so you can focus on what you do best. And with relentless knowledge transfer to empower your teams, we help you adapt, move, and grow - faster and fearlessly.

Microsoft Azure

Do more with Azure. Our range of end-to-end modernisation services will unlock possibilities to transform, grow and manage your business in the cloud – at pace and scale.

Microsoft 365

Create a modern and secure workplace with Microsoft 365. As the first Microsoft Partner to roll out Microsoft 365 in the UK, we know a thing or two about its deployment and management.


Security should be at the heart of your business. Innovation is nothing without safety and compliance. And our Microsoft experts are - you've guessed it - experts in Microsoft security.

Data & AI

Data is the driving force behind your business. Our experts will help you structure, modernise and secure your data. Providing you insights to make data-informed decisions and feed your future automation, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning plans.

Build your AI roadmap

AI can be tricky and complex to get right. We are here to help guide you through the steps you should consider to start adopting AI and unleash innovation and collaboration successfully. AI can help transform your business by allowing you to access, process, and learn from more data than ever before. This can boost your team’s performance, delight your customers, and give you an edge over your competitors.

We want to help you create an AI strategy that suits your goals and prepares you for the future. We will be there for you every step of the way to ensure your AI journey goes smoothly.

roadmap roadmap

We’re the Microsoft Expert you need

Are you looking for a world class Microsoft partner? We’ve got you covered.
We’re proud to be in Microsoft's top 0.5% of partners globally, and an Azure Expert MSP.

But why Cloud Direct?

Because we’re for the disruptors. The movers and shakers. The change makers. The ones who understand that bravery doesn’t mean recklessness. And that safe and affordable can ignite fearless growth.

We build it right

As an Azure Expert MSP, we’re an operator at heart. This means we understand what makes systems successful. Our solutions work because we build them to use them. Unlike an SI, we own the result over the long-term.

We have the learning edge

Our expertise comes from being born in the cloud. We’re the UK’s number 1 partner for helping customers access Microsoft funding - and, of course, a recognised Microsoft Azure Expert MSP with a host of Advanced Specialisations. Continuous investment in our skills, knowledge, and training is what gives us the edge over others.

We’re about teaching - not selling

Delivering value-for-money for our customer over the long-term excites us. By empowering and upskilling your in-house teams, and helping you bridge knowledge gaps, we create a powerful platform from which to collaborate on those high-impact, transformational projects.

Surprises are great
But not when it comes to business

Time to ditch the guesswork around costs and processes. At Cloud Direct, we’re all about transparency – it’s one of the cornerstones of our organisation. We also believe in giving our customers the confidence, knowledge, and resources to be self-sufficient.

Enter Provide™ portal – your single-pane-of-glass console for IT management. Raise support tickets, monitor Azure spend, manage Microsoft 365 licences, see recommendations to improve your security posture, plus much more.

Now that’s transformational.

Some people think we’re a big deal

Reliability, transparency, state-of-the-art technology and expertise have allowed us to transform organisations by taking them to the cloud. With that said, we’ll stop at nothing to continue being legends in our field.

Stay ahead of the game
with your own Cloud Centre of Excellence

You’re a large organisation. And you’re considering building an in-house Cloud Centre of Excellence. But where to start? No sweat. As usual, we’ve got your back.

Collaborating with Cloud Direct to create your very own CCoE is easy breezy. We’ll help you build out in-house capabilities by arming you with the skills, processes, and tools you need to make the cloud work hard for you.

Plus, you decide what you do or do not want to manage. Anything you don’t have capacity or specific skills for, we’ll take care of on our side – just until we’ve transferred you the knowledge to safely take the keys.