How to build a Microsoft 365 Migration Strategy in 90 minutes

We’ve partnered up with Combined Knowledge to help you map out a clear migration strategy that breaks down any barriers to achieve your modern workplace goals. As part of this video series, you’ll complete a blueprint document that will provide you with a clear plan on how to successfully implement and adopt Microsoft 365. Our experts will be delivering the content you need to complete your blueprint – giving you a clear head start to implementing Microsoft 365.

  • Technical Considerations – The technical elements you should consider as part of your migration strategy.
  • The importance of change management – The importance of change management with Combined Knowledge and identify any internal blockers standing in your way of adopting Microsoft 365.
  • Creating your blueprint – You’ll complete your strategy document throughout this video series to help you identify how you successfully implement and adopt Microsoft 365.

Download the Microsoft 365 Migration Blueprint document

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