Making sense of Zero Trust

An introduction to Zero Trust, the best practice security methodology

With the rise of Hybrid Working, security perimeters now extend beyond your office location to any access point that hosts, stores, or accesses corporate resources and services. This is why you need to consider implementing an end-to-end security strategy, such as Zero Trust.

Zero Trust is a best practice security methodology used by businesses and enterprises across the world. The Zero Trust concept is built on the belief that businesses shouldn’t trust anything inside or outside their perimeters and must verify anything and everything to connect their systems before granting access.

During this series, our experts will help you make sense of the Zero Trust best practice methodology.

Claim your complimentary Zero Trust Health Check

We're offering a complimentary Zero Trust Health Check where you’ll have the opportunity to sit down with a technical cloud consultant for a 60 minute 1:1 workshop. We’ll walk you through some exploratory health check questions to give an initial sense of your Zero Trust readiness, give you visibility of it and identify your likely areas to prioritise. From this assessment you'll benefit from:

  • Walk through your Zero Trust readiness in an exploratory 1:1 workshop​
  • An initial view of your security estate​
  • Identify cost optimisation opportunities​
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