Three ways Azure can transform your application

Migrating your application to Azure will unlock new markets and revenue opportunities for your business. By having a SaaS application, you will have the capabilities to help your business achieve fearless growth. Having your application in Azure allows you to build, market and sell your solutions efficiently. And we’re here to show you exactly how. 

Having the ability to build things quicker enables you to streamline operations and therefore, sell more. Here’s what this could look like for your application. 


Sell more than ever 

That’s right. Migrating your application into Azure will enable you to reach millions of new customers. Your application being in the cloud will become more accessible and appealing to new markets across the world. 

Microsoft has resources and programs available to help accelerate your time to market, demand generation and business growth, – such as the Azure Marketplace. By uploading your application to the Azure Marketplace you’re allowing customers in over 140 countries to start using your app. Enabling you to transform your businesses go-to-market strategy. 

Finally, all that money you’ve saved by moving to the Azure and increasing efficiency no longer needs to be passed onto your customer – making your services more affordable for them. It’s a win-win situation. 


Build things quicker 

Azure provides you with the building blocks you need to create a powerful application. You’ll be able to reap all the benefits of tools available in Azure, such as Azure Kubernetes Service, Azure DevOps and Azure App Service. Plus, Microsoft are investing a huge amount of time and money to developing their application services. Over the past year they’ve added 1000+ capabilities to support your application, including more pre-built and custom AI features. By having access to the latest Azure tools available, you’ll be able to bring functionality to your application that competitors haven’t even thought of yet. 

Microsoft and Keystone published a whitepaper on some research they’ve done into ISVs, The Shift to SaaS: A high-value opportunity for ISVs. During this research they discover: “All of the ISVs interviewed explained that the combination of continuous product development methodologies and greater visibility into customer usage through app data collection have led to improved product development cycles, saving up to one-third of the time required for a typical product release.” The Shift to SaaS: A high-value opportunity for ISVs, Keystone, June 2017 

With a cloud-based application there will be no hardware maintenance, allowing your IT team to concentrate on the development of your app. Meaning you’ll be able to keep up with changing markets, trends and competitors – all whilst saving costs. 


Streamline your operations 

Moving to a cloud-based application will enable your ISV to streamline your operations, which will open your business up to plenty of opportunities. 

“ISVs (who switch to SaaS) reported a range of efficiency gains depending on the complexity of the application and the ongoing maintenance responsibilities, with an average of a 26% improvement in engineering efficiency.” The Shift to SaaS: A high-value opportunity for ISVs, Keystone, June 2017 

A SaaS-based model application reduces the time it takes to maintain the infrastructure as Microsoft will do this for you. Passing any infrastructure maintenance onto your provider, enables your IT team to focus on what really matters – improving and updating your application. And what’s best is you will automatically have access to any security and functionality updates – allowing your IT team to have access to the lastest tools available. Your customers will be able to benefit from this too through better functionality and app capabilities. 

Microsoft invests over $1 billion every year in cybersecurity to ensure your cloud-based application is secure, so you don’t have to. They provide your ISV with compliance framework that aligns vendors to country specific data management regulations – meaning you don’t have to worry about complex and changing regulations. Microsoft has the resources to help you keep innovating without using up your whole team. Allowing you to excel your application without burning your team out. 


Ready to harness the power of Azure? 

These are just a few of the benefits your application could see from migrating to Azure. If you want to talk to one of our Azure Experts to find out how you can leverage your application in the cloud, then simply get in touch. 

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