What is DevOps as a Service?

As a software vendor, you’re always looking for new ways to modernise your application through innovation and efficiency. Most organisations migrate their application to the cloud to benefit from continuous integration and delivery. And if you don’t keep up with this change, your application will soon become outdated and quickly fall behind your competitors.

If you aren’t familiar with DevOps, read our blog post How DevOps compares to traditional development methods.


Recap on DevOps

Microsoft defines DevOps as; A compound of development (Dev) and operations (Ops), DevOps is the union of people, processes and technology to continually provide value to customers.

By adopting a DevOps culture alongside the right practices and tools your team will be able to efficiently respond to customer needs and build applications quicker than ever. DevOps brings together siloed jobs such as IT operations, development teams, quality assurance and security to create a more fluid way of working that encourages collaboration. Which enables you to produce better applications or software by having all of those roles working towards a common goal.

According to the Accelerate State of DevOps report 2019, the cloud has positively impacted the DevOps process by enabling you to achieve:

  • 106x faster lead time from committing to deploy
  • 208xmore frequent code deployments
  • 2604xfaster time to recover from incidents and 
  • 7xlower change failure rate.


What is DevOps as a Service

DevOps as a Service is an emerging solution that’s becoming increasingly popular in application development. It moves traditional collaboration between the development and operations teams into the cloud. This enables a lot of the processes to be automated via stackable virtual tools. In short, adopting DevOps as a Service allows you to improve unit testing, code tracking and review, automated deployment, bug tracking and monitoring.

So, what are the benefits of adopting DevOps as a Service?

Increased team efficiency and faster deployments

Adopting DevOps as a Service will enable you to increase your team’s efficiency and enable faster deployments. Why? Because you’ll be adopting some of the latest cloud tools that’ll facilitate and orchestrate DevOps. Having these tools enables your business to set up automation that will help you create an efficient software delivery process.

Enables your team to focus on innovating your application

Enabling DevOps as a Service will enable your developers to focus on what they do best, innovating and improving your application. This is because they will have access to best-in-class tools and have the right processes in place to allow for shorter development time, increased collaboration and faster delivery time. You’ll also be able to leverage your cloud partners’ knowledge and support.


The business case for DevOps as a service

If you’re looking to create a scalable application in the cloud, then DevOps as a Service is a solution you should consider leveraging. You’ll be able to reap all the benefits listed above which will enable your business to grow, increase developer velocity, leverage modern tools and continuously develop your application.

Leverage modern ways of working

It’s important to ensure that your developers are following modern ways of working and have the latest tools available at their disposal – allowing them to build efficiently, collaborate securely, and scale innovation. This is why it’s crucial that your business adopts modern ways of working, such as DevOps, Microservices and Containers, and the latest tools, such as Azure, GitHub, Visual Studio and PowerApps. Not only will this enable your business to work effectively, but it would also allow you to attract industry-leading talent that wants to stay with your business. Organisations with strong tools are 65 percent more innovative and have 47 percent higher developer satisfaction and retention rates than those in the lowest quartile for Developer Velocity.

Increase developer velocity

Did you know that organisations with Developer Velocity in the top quartile achieve 4-5 times faster revenue growth and 55% higher innovation?

Empower your developers to drive innovation. We all know that software development is at the heart of your application, and by increasing developer velocity you’ll be able to continue driving business performance. Adopting DevOps as a Service allows you to create the right environment for your developers and to encourage them to collaborate and contribute to the software development.

Grow your business

Adopting DevOps as a Service enables your organisation to continuously develop your application, allowing you to keep growing your business by extending your Product Lifecycle Curve. Leveraging DevOps as a Service will enable you to leverage new tools and processes so developers can react to the market quicker by having an effective way to release application patches and updates.


DevOps as a Service with Microsoft

With almost 70% of organisations already leveraging Microsoft Azure, it offers the easiest route to enabling a hybrid of full cloud environment for your business. Over the years Microsoft has invested heavily into making sure they’re able to offer developers the best possible toolset. Some of the tools you’ll be able to leverage to improve the way you build applications are:

  • Azure boards
  • Azure Pipelines
  • Azure Repos
  • Azure Test Plans
  • Azure Artifacts
  • Azure Marketplace
  • Azure Pipelines
  • Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)
  • Visual Studio
  • Azure Monitor
  • GitHub

You can learn more about what Microsoft DevOps tools has to offer on their website.


Are you looking to explore DevOps as a Service?

The benefits of adopting DevOps as a Service are endless and can help drive efficiency and innovation for your business. So, if you’re looking to start implementing DevOps as a Service, look no further. We’re a Microsoft DevOps, Application Development and Application Integration partner. In other words, there’s no better partner to have on your side.

Ready to find out how you can start adopting DevOps as a Service within your business? Simply get in touch to speak to our DevOps experts.


McKinsey & Company: Driving business outcomes through Developer Velocity 2020 and McKinsey Developer Velocity Survey, Expert Interview
McKinsey & Company: Driving business outcomes through Developer Velocity 2020 and McKinsey Developer Velocity Survey, Expert Interview