Why you should choose Azure for data centre modernisation

“Azure gives us much more flexibility all round, with access in a secure cloud environment.” – Stewart Martin, partner, Edmund Carr 

Join the world’s leading public cloud provider. You’ll be in good company – over 90% of Fortune 500 companies are already using the Microsoft Cloud environment. 

Data centre modernisation will transform the way you work. But choosing the right cloud provider and delivery partner is equally as important as making the decision to transform in the first place. So why is Microsoft so far ahead of its competitors when it comes to public cloud? 

In short its trust. Yes Microsoft has raised its game in the services available but it ultimately comes down to a proven track record of helping businesses truly transform. 

Here are just a few of the reasons businesses are using Azure for their data centre modernisation. 


Improve ROI 

Microsoft commissioned Forrester Consulting to analyse the economic impact of Azure on its customers. They developed a representative business model which reported a 466% ROI, achieved through a combination of: 

  • Drastically reduced data centre costs – through consolidation and footprint reduction. 
  • Reduced IT outsourcing costs – efficiency driven services drive down costs 
  • Process re-engineering – save time better spent on strategic planning 
  • Increased sales and profits – achieve new and larger customer sales 

“Without Azure, we would need to build out dozens of data centres to provide the same service and meet client requirements that we can with Azure.” – VP of product development, US services and hosting firm 


Achieve truly agile infrastructure 

Increase your data centres agility with on demand, near limitless cloud scalability with Azure. Reach new markets using Microsoft’s global hyper-scale infrastructure of more than 100 data centres across 36 regions worldwide. Twice those of AWS and 6 times Google’s data centre regions. 

“Azure makes it a lot easier for us to deliver on our vision without getting stuck on the individual IT components. We can focus on our end solution and delivering real value to customers rather than on managing the infrastructure.” – Richard Beesley, Rolls-Royce 


Future proof your business 

In the future business landscape every company will be a software company. Industry disruptors such as Airbnb, Uber and Netflix have already proved that businesses need to rapidly innovate and remain flexible to compete in the future marketplace. Modernising your data centre with Azure allows you to achieve new levels of agility. Be proactive in the face of disruptive competitors. 

“(With Azure) It’s all about making sure we’re ready for the future.” – Stephen Court, IT supervisor, Crondall Energy 

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