Introduction to the Cloud Adoption Framework

Webinar recording

Discover how to make your migration a success using the Cloud Adoption Framework

Microsoft has created the Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF Framework) to help businesses adopt Azure with confidence. The CAF Framework is a collection of proven documentation, implementation guidance, best practices, and tools from Microsoft designed to accelerate your cloud adoption journey.

Webinar agenda
We hosted a webinar to help you understand how to leverage the CAF Framework to support your Azure Migration. During this webinar our Azure expert, Liam Ryan, discussed:

  • An overview of the CAF Framework and what it is
  • A clear breakdown of what each of the six stages of the framework involves
  • Why you should use it as part of your migration
  • How to ensure you follow best practices as part of your migration

Sounds good, right? Watch the recording to find out how you can leverage the CAF Framework.

Psst…The CAF framework isn’t just for businesses that are new to the cloud, it can be used by businesses at any stage of their cloud journey.

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