Advanced cloud security with Microsoft Sentinel

  Cyber threats don’t standstill

In a world where cyber threats are constantly evolving and growing in sophistication, staying ahead is crucial. Microsoft’s $1 billion annual investment in cybersecurity ensures that its cloud services are among the safest in the world. Microsoft Sentinel stands out as a pioneering Security Information Event Management (SIEM) and Security Orchestration Automated Response (SOAR) solution, specifically designed for the cloud.


Security across the cloud

Businesses rely on the cloud to innovate, transform, and thrive. Security is an essential component of that success. Our Managed Sentinel Service and Security Operations Centre (SOC) leverage the power of Sentinel as an extension of your own security team. We keep the Sentinel platform running optimally, ensuring that it adapts seamlessly to your growing business. Trust us to monitor, assess, and escalate threats from the numerous data sources connected to Sentinel.

We also use Sentinel to deliver a Managed Sentinel Service and Security Operations Centre (SOC), which will act as an extension to your security team. We keep the Sentinel platform operational to maintain optimal functionality as your business grows. You can rely on us to monitor, triage and escalate threats from the vast data-sources connected to Sentinel.

Our Microsoft Sentinel solutions

Our team will deploy and configure Sentinel within your Azure environment, setting up the necessary connectors. Once active, we will proactively manage the solution to deliver unparalleled security protection for your technology and broader business. This includes regular updates and assessments to guarantee that the configuration remains aligned with your evolving business needs. Experience the future of cloud security with Microsoft Sentinel.

Building a business case

A tried-and-tested workshop to help you assess, plan and build a Sentinel Proof of Concept for your business.

Deployment from any existing SIEM

Quick and low-risk through automation and Microsoft expertise

Sentinel Health Check

A review of existing Sentinel configurations to identify performance efficiency opportunities.

Managed Sentinel + SOC

24/7 monitoring, management and threat response

Deploy and manage Azure Sentinel with a Microsoft Security Expert

Making sense of Azure Sentinel

Using Azure Sentinel can be overwhelming. Our Azure experts are here to help you make sense of all the information and data.

Azure Sentinel is an intelligent, cloud-native Security Information Events Manager (SIEM) platform that leverages AI to analyse sheer amounts of data across your organisation – helping you stay resilient against any threats.

It can be overwhelming looking at the information Sentinel generates – but fear not. During this video series, we’ll help you understand the data available in Sentinel and how to make informed security decisions.

Leverage Sentinel to boost your security

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