A single point of contact for your customers to access support.

Filter out the noise for your valuable teams

Having your team available for product enhancements, updates and releases are vital for you to grow. Having technical teams and product experts tied up with customer support is a barrier to this. We provide a single point of contact for your customers to access support 24/7. We’ll deal with common first-line queries and triage others off to the right team in your business or 3rd party. 

Customer support for your application

Let’s face it, your coders want to be coding. And you want to move faster by doing what you do best. A single point of contact helpdesk with triaging in place means your customers get a quicker resolution and your in-house teams are only involved when they need to be. We will work to understand your product, your customer base and common support queries. We will develop a solution that meets your customer requirements and helps you retain the capacity of your in-house teams.  

Global Helpdesk-as-a-Service

24/7 customer support

A single point of contact is available 24/7 for your end-customers to access support and raise tickets for your application.

1st line ticket resolution

Immediate resolution of common issues such as password resets, troubleshooting and FAQs.

Ticket management and triage

Ticket monitoring, management, and customer communication through to resolution.

World-class support

A global support team with a world-class Net Promoter Score of +85 .

White labelled customer support

Our end-customer support is available as a white-label service to integrate with your brand and appear as your company to your customers.

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