Security Professional Services

Kickstart your next security project

You want to reduce risks, optimise delivery costs, and speed up your digital transformation. But experienced and qualified Cloud experts are thin on the ground. This can be frustrating, especially when cyber threats don’t stand still and become more frequent and sophisticated.

Discover how to get the protection you expect

Secure identity

Find out how to ensure access is only provided to individuals who are supporting customers, such as agents, support engineers, and their supervisors.

Secure apps and data

Understand how you can protect your apps and data against rapidly evolving cyberthreats with Microsoft’s cloud security services.

Secure infrastructure

Know which policies, best practices and technologies you need to put in place to ensure cloud resources remain secure against internal and external threats.

Optimise security operations

We pride ourselves on working together with our customers as partners. Benefit from collaboration and a collective effort with our Cloud consultants and experts as an extension of your team.

Reduce time spent monitoring knowing your environment is in safe hands
Scale security with growth
Establish a secure foundation
Increase resources and free up your team to focus on their day-to-day operations
Understand how to reduce costs as you reduce the risk of threats
Grow your business with confidence that your environment is secure

How can you achieve this?

We know it’s not always simple to know where to start. With our experts on your side, you’re in safe hands. We’re here when you need advice and guidance ensuring your environment is running optimally and securely without added expenses. With our security consultants and experts, we guide you onto the right path with steps to a secure environment. Understand the current security posture and how it can be improved for optimal performance and minimal risks.

Let us help you

We’ll design, implement and project manage the next steps in your cloud journey.

Take the lead

Augment teams with our specialist skills in sprints to keep your project on track and fully under your control.

Propel your business with Cloud Direct

Security is at the heart of everything we do, but don’t just take our word for it. We learn about the latest Microsoft tools and best practices and pass that knowledge to your team.

As an Azure Expert MSP and Microsoft Security Solutions Partner, we’re in a unique position to help you implement a holistic security strategy irrespective of where you are in your security journey. Meaning you’ll have peace of mind your Azure environment is in safe hands.

Cloud Direct enables ambitious organisations to adopt Microsoft cloud. Our job is to make your cloud journey safe and affordable. We’ll help you build, secure, update, collaborate and run in the cloud. Join us for a collective approach to achieve increased security, productivity, teamwork and agility.

We now have a seriously robust, secure environment – especially with Microsoft behind us with all the bells and whistles for IT security.
Stewart Martin - Partner, Edmund Carr

Understand the next steps for a secure environment

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