Not-for-profit resources

We, like Microsoft, understand the importance of technology innovation and transformation in the charity sector.

Not-for-profit resources

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Grow In The Cloud Without Fear as a Not For Profit – Azure Landing Zones
Microsoft Teams - The Future of Charity Communication
Charity based software company accelerates growth with Azure optimisation

We’re an approved Microsoft partner for Not-for-profits

As well as all our usual resources, guides and webinar content; we are also able to help charities access exclusive resources from Microsoft.

We’re one of Microsoft’s exclusively approved partners for Not-for-profit organisations. And we are proud to be one of only a handful of partners worldwide that has executive sponsorship and direct access to Microsoft’s Tech for Social Impact Leadership Team. This sponsorship recognises our partnership with the UK’s leading charities and what we can help them achieve with Microsoft technology.

How are Microsoft supporting Not-for-profits?

Microsoft provides exclusive grants and discounts for Not-for-profits across the world on some of their cloud services, including; Microsoft 365, Azure, Dynamics 365 and Surface hardware. Microsoft recognises that predictable pricing is critical to strategic IT planning. Which is why they’ve decided to provide Not-for-profits up to a 75% discount on core SKUs for cloud and on-premise provides, and up to a 60% discount on premium SKUs. But it doesn’t stop there. Microsoft have partered with TechSoup to create the Digital Skills Center for Nonprofits, which is a collection of training courses dedicated to help Not-for-profits make the most from their Microsoft solutions.

Looking to find out more?

Get in contact with our Not-for-profit experts to find out if you're eligible for any grants or discounts