Managed DevOps in Azure

Application lifecycle management in the cloud 

Application lifecycle management

Your application is your lifeblood, and we make sure you can manage your application in the best way possible. Software developers depend on a high performing, optimised, automated and secure environment throughout the lifecycle of software development. 

We provide a fully managed DevOps environment so you can focus on what you do best – knowing the operations of your environment are taken care of. 

DevOps as a Service 

Building on our Azure Managed Service our Managed DevOps service provides full operational management and support of your development environments, pipelines and DevOps tools. 

24/7/365 support, monitoring and maintenance of environments
Infrastructure as code templates
Automation of end-to-end workflow
Automated test scripts and monitoring
DevOps expert advisory hours
Cost optimisation
Performance optimisation
Security reporting and optimisation
DevSecOps options including Microsoft Sentinel and Managed SOC

Managed DevOps

We understand the frustrations of distractions. Win your market by focusing on product innovation, coding and deployments. We’ll do the rest with our managed service. Our DevOps managed service ensures the operations of our environment are optimised in line with the Well-Architected Framework and taken care of.

DevOps for software businesses

DevOps Assessment

A review of your existing or planned DevOps practices and tools. This will provide you with a detailed plan for adopting and maturing your DevOps strategy in the cloud. 

TFS to Azure DevOps Migration

De-risk complex configuration migrations from TFS to DevOps by working with the experts. Our engineers will review, plan, test and migrate your environment.

DevOps build and optimisation

We can build or optimise the environment you use for your application lifecycle. This can include Azure DevOps tools but it also looks at all your environments, pipelines, repos, test scripts and automation. 

Managed DevOps

For your team to operate at its full potential we ensure the environment is always available and optimised. Our managed service includes monitoring and proactive performance, cost and security optimisation of your environment, pipeline and test scripts. 


End-to-end support for securing your code, IP and environments. We look at the security integration throughout the application lifecycle Including Identity and Access management and security monitoring and management with Microsoft Sentinel and our Security Operations Centre. 

Experts as a Service

Access to expert advice, guidance and project work to supplement your teams. Including: DevOps Engineers Cloud Architects,  Database Administrator,  Cloud Security Consultant, Sprint planning and daily stand-up attendance options.

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How to increase your development cycles with Azure

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