Build a clear cloud migration strategy

Work with an Azure Expert MSP to plan your journey to the cloud

Planning your journey from the traditional world of IT to the new cloud-based world can be overwhelming. We wouldn’t pretend otherwise. The key is to understand the options that lie ahead, make informed decisions and pursue the right technology strategy.

Approach Azure with confidence

We work with customers at every step of the Azure journey, and that begins with cloud planning. It’s important you start out with your final destination in mind. Why? So you understand exactly what you want to achieve from the outset.

Our cloud migration assessment provides you with a technical and economic overview of moving to Azure. Meaning you have a strategic roadmap and business case for migrating your on-premise infrastructure to Microsoft Azure.

As an Azure Expert MSP, we have exclusive access to Microsoft assessments and funding to help guide your Azure migration.

Cloud migration assessment

Our Cloud Migration Assessment will allow your business to align from Microsofts Well-Architected Framework and Cloud Adoption Framework from the get-go.

Construct a business case for leadership buy-in

Recommended migration plan for your security requirements

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High and low-level environment design

Full cost analysis of running your workloads in Azure

Recommended cost optimisation through reserved instances and hybrid benefit

A secure Azure environment set-up for you to test and run proof of concepts on

Tried and tested Azure Migration methodology

At Cloud Direct we poured our experience and expertise gained from migrating customers to Azure to outline the core stages of a successful Azure migration. Not to mention we’re a CAF-ready partner, which means our migration methodology has been certified by Microsoft for using the latest technology and best practice to provide a cost-effective and streamlined Azure migration for our customers.

Target end state

We review your current infrastructure and help you understand what a migration will look like for your different workloads. This in-depth discovery takes a holistic approach, so nothing gets missed.


We build a strategic roadmap recommending the best migration course for your different workloads to meet your business needs now and in the future. Developed around Azure landing zones, which create a secure foundation for your Azure environment to scale.


We break your migration into two key phases to ensure success. The first phase includes quick wins, fast ROI and minimal impact. The second looks at sophisticated workloads, longer-term ROI and re-architecting.

Provide Portal™ from Cloud Direct

All Cloud Direct customers get access to the Provide™ portal as their single-pane-of-glass for self-management. We’re talking about everything from raising support tickets, to managing Microsoft 365 licences to monitoring your Azure spend. What’s best is you can access it from any device in any location.

“Cloud Direct has been great. They sat down with us, asked what we were trying to achieve, then worked with us from planning through to implementation. I really value the personal level of service. Being able to pick up the phone and to speak to someone who knows what we’re trying to do from a business perspective makes a big difference"
Tom Bradley - Director of Operations, The Care Database

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