Compliance in the Cloud

Make sure your IT meets the compliance needs of your business

Balancing innovation and compliance

Our customers are go-getters. Always looking to innovate, to grow and to be the best they can be. We make sure that compliance with their IT doesn’t hold them back.

Innovation means growing in the cloud, using data to drive business decisions and using software, AI and automation to improve services. We understand that embracing this can feel scary when it comes to audits for regulations and compliance – but don’t worry we’ve got you covered.


Baking in compliance

By building and managing your cloud environment right you can bake in compliance from the start. And that means less risk when it comes to growth.

We help customers meet UK and international compliance needs of regulated industries such as finance, health, transport and manufacturing. This helps them enter new markets and introduce new services. We do this across Microsoft Azure, Microsoft 365 and Teams Calling.


Assess – Deploy – Mange

We’ll work with your in-house experts to understand your compliance needs. From standard certifications such as GDPR, PCI, ISO and MiFID II and DSS through to specific industry or country requirements – our experts will help you meet the requirements.


We will assess your Azure, Microsoft 365, and Teams Calling environments to map them against your compliance requirements.


Whether it is baking in compliance in a new environment or configuring an existing one we will make sure your cloud environment meets your specific compliance requirements.


With an ever-evolving environment, new data, new services and updates it is important your compliance is continually monitored. Our Managed Compliance service will do exactly that – we’ll monitor and rectify your Azure environment so you can be confident you are compliant.

How we do it

Your IT compliance needs will be unique to you based on your industry, the territories you operate in, the data you hold and how your IT is currently configured. Some of the common areas customers need to consider:

• Data and information protection
• Risk management
• Access and identity
• Retention of data
• Call recording
• Encryption
• Threat protection

Work with a compliance expert

“Rather than simply focusing on the technology, Cloud Direct’s specialist engineers listened to our business needs before exploring the different solutions that could work for us.”
Sanjay Sood - RSM Global

Azure Security: Policy and Governance Video Series

In the second installment of our Azure Security Fundamentals Series, our Azure gurus show you how to build policies to enforce compliance within your Azure environment.

We look at how Azure’s governance services help to enforce organisational standards to assess compliance at scale and the in-built tools available to allow you to deploy policies in a repeatable manner – allowing you to speed up processes moving forward.

Keep your business secure and compliant while hybrid working

Kickstart your compliance plans

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