Accelerate productivity with Adoption and Change Management

The world has undergone a significant transformation. Work is no longer tied to a specific location but can be done from anywhere. Hybrid Work has become the new norm, enabled by cloud technology. However, to fully unlock the benefits of Hybrid Work, your staff need guidance and support.

Implementing adoption and change management practices is the fastest way to maximise your return on investment with Microsoft 365. By educating your employees about the extensive features available in the Microsoft 365 toolkit, you can reduce the risk of errors, increase staff satisfaction, and retain top talent.

Our approach to Adoption & Change Management

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Understand your productivity objectives and build a tailored change management plan that aligns with your goals.

Build Engagement

Rapidly upskill Technology Champions who can generate awareness and excitement about Microsoft 365. Conduct focused training workshops to facilitate a smooth transition.

On-Demand Training

Provide easy access to Microsoft 365 learning materials, including pre-built and customisable learning paths, so your employees can enhance their skills at their own pace.

Our approach

Cloud Direct helps ambitious organisations adopt Microsoft 365. Our customers know that the right technology can free them to grow. But they also know they won’t see the quickest possible return on their investment without a clear adoption strategy.

We will work with you to develop a programme that works, aligning change management with your transformational project plans.

“With Cloud Direct we are working more efficiently and cost-effectively than ever before.”
Habib Bilfaqi - Network Manager, IPC

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