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Modernise your application and how you maintain it 

Modern ways of working for modern applications

We help ISVs and software-centric businesses develop, modernise and maintain their applications to grow in the cloud. We understand it’s a competitive world out there. Customer expectations are an all-time high and you need the best application to compete. That means it isn’t just your application that needs to be the best – so does your application lifecycle.

We help developers

Your developers are your superstars and they need the best support. From helping them modernise your application to run in the cloud through to ensuring they have the best tools for continual enhancements. Speed of updates to your application are key. By using cloud-based DevOps tools and automation we create a high-performing environment for your developers to thrive.

Application modernisation

Support for modernising your applications to run optimally in AzureGit Repos, Azure Pipelines, Azure Boards, Azure Test Plans, Azure Artifacts

Access modern development services

Git Repos, Azure Pipelines, Azure Boards, Azure Test Plans, Azure Artifacts


A managed environment for creating and managing microservice applications


Continuous integration and continuous deployment pipeline to push changes automatically

Managed pre-production environments

Optimisation and management for your Dev, test, staging and other pre-production environments

Managed pipelines

Support and maintenance for your code and data pipelines between your different environments

Pipeline vulnerability testing

Automate code testing to assess for compliance and quality control

Support for your customers

24/7 firstline application support for your end customers 


End-to-end security of your development environment and code

Launch and sell

Commerical consultancy for pricing, process and promotion of your application. Including Azure Marketplace entry. Including Azure Marketplace entry and templated marketing materials.

Support where you need it

You do what you do best – and we’ll do what we do best. You know your product and market better than anyone. So when it comes to product enhancements and updates there is no one better than you to do it! But there is also no-one better than us to facilitate you to do it. Whether it’s working with your developers to optimise your application for Azure or providing a fully managed DevOps environment we’ve got you covered.

Flexible engagements mean you choose where on the scale you want us to support you. From App Development through to SecOps

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Application Modernisation
Managed DevOps
Azure Migration
Data Modernisation
Azure Optimisation
"Cloud Direct has been great. They sat down with us, asked what we were trying to achieve, then worked with us from planning through to implementation. I really value the personal level of service. Being able to pick up the phone and to speak to someone who knows what we’re trying to do from a business perspective makes a big difference."
Tom Bradley - Director of Operations, The Care Database

How to increase your development cycles with Azure

Discover how to improve software development with Azure in our latest whitepaper. This whitepaper is perfect for anyone who’s looking to improve their development cycles by leveraging the tools available in the Microsoft cloud. During this guide we cover;

  • Increasing software development cycles with Azure
  • How DevOps provides an infinite loop of improvement
  • A deep dive into the three stages of DevOps
  • Leveraging managed DevOps to speed up development

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