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Soar to new heights with Cloud Direct on your next data-driven endeavour

Data is the lifeblood of your organisation, and our mission is to help you harness its full potential for unparalleled growth. Unlocking and comprehending your data will revolutionise the way you make strategic business decisions.
Legacy systems that store and manage your data are often outdated and vulnerable to security breaches, hindering your business’s expansion. Our seasoned experts will guide you through a successful modernisation journey with Azure, delivering tangible results through a variety of consultancy packages.

Kickstart your data journey

Comprehend Your Data Landscape

Gain a thorough understanding of your existing data – its content, location, and how it fulfils your needs – to determine its alignment with business objectives and identify areas for improvement.

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Transition your data to the cloud

Evaluate your current data estate to develop an architectural blueprint and devise a cost-effective, risk-reducing, and efficient data migration and optimisation strategy.

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Improve performance

Receive a tailored migration plan based on your data type and intended usage to pinpoint optimisation opportunities that provide a competitive edge and generate business value.

Discover the potential and unlock the value of data-driven solutions

We pride ourselves on working together with our customers as partners. Benefit from collaboration and a collective effort with our Cloud consultants and experts as an extension of your team.

Identify opportunities for growth and adoption
Meet performance and scalability requirements
Accelerate your move to the cloud with efficiency and agility
Knowledge transfer
Reduce infrastructure and maintenance costs
Access to in-demand and hard to retain skills to keep you on the right track

How can you achieve this?

We know it’s not always simple to know where to start. With our experts on your side, you’re in safe hands. We’re here when you need advice and guidance ensuring your environment is running optimally and securely without added expenses. Our experts are available to fit your needs.

Let us help you

We’ll design, implement and project manage the next steps in your cloud journey.

Take the lead

Augment teams with our specialist skills in sprints to keep your project on track and fully under your control.

Propel your business with Cloud Direct

Data is your organisation’s greatest asset and we want to help you use it to grow your business. Accessing and understanding your data will transform how you make business decisions. Many organisations don’t truly know what data they have, how to access it or how to make sense of it. Plus, we’re recognised as one of Microsoft’s leading partners for Microsoft technologies including Data & AI. This makes us one of Microsoft’s most trusted partners in the world!

Modernising your business data strategy

Our Azure and Data Experts have created a video series in our Learning Hub to help you understand the steps you need to take modernise your business data strategy. During this series they cover:

• Your current data state
• Bringing your data together
• Implementing best practice
• Starting to ask questions about your data
• Aligning your data to the business strategy


Run my data optimally in the Cloud