Maximising Your Azure Environment with Azure Optimisation Services from an Azure Expert MSP

Unlock the Full Potential of Your Azure Environment


Your Azure environment is dynamic and ever-evolving. To ensure you’re getting the most value out of it, it’s essential to continuously optimise for cost, security, and performance. Our team of Azure experts, certified as Azure Expert MSPs, is here to help you leverage the full potential of your Azure environment.

Optimising Azure for Cost, Security, and Performance

Through our comprehensive Azure optimisation assessment, we’ll analyse your environment and identify opportunities to optimise cost, enhance performance, and strengthen security.

You’ll receive a detailed overview of the outcomes at both the business and technical levels, along with recommended next steps. By implementing our recommendations, you can ensure that your environment aligns with your goals, paving the way for future innovation.

How we optimise your environment

Let's delve into how our Azure optimisation services can benefit you:

Identify Cost Optimisation Opportunities

We’ll identify areas where you can optimise costs through rightsizing and licensing adjustments, ensuring you only pay for what you need.

Construct Workload Landing Zones

Our experts will help you create workload landing sones, maximising performance and efficiency for your applications.

Strategic Planning and Maintenance

Receive recommendations for future strategic planning and maintenance, ensuring your Azure environment remains optimised over time.

Govern with Ease

Utilise our Platform Foundation as a central console to effectively govern your Azure environment. Automate resource shutdown outside of core business hours and gain access to a range of other governance features.

Enhance Efficiency with Infrastructure as Code (IaC)

Leverage Infrastructure as Code (IaC) templates to improve workload deployment efficiency and mitigate issues like environment drift.

Delivering Continuous Optimisation

We deploy and configure cutting-edge tools to ensure continuous optimisation in your Azure environment.

Azure Monitor

Analyse the performance of your applications whilst proactively identifying issues with resources.

Security Center

Strengthen your security posture with a unified security management system.

Log Analytics

Gain insights from your data, identify trends, and better understand your Azure Monitor logs.

Network Watcher

Effortlessly monitor and maintain the network health of your IaaS products.

Azure Policy

Enforce standards across your organisation at scale, ensuring consistent compliance and security management.

Azure Blueprints

Centralise your IT groups and define repeatable Azure resources for streamlined deployment.

Get your Azure environment back under control


Plans change, and priorities change with them. This can leave your Azure environment feeling unloved. To get it back on track, the Azure Optimisation Innovation Workshop will explore ways to get your environment on track.

We’ll dive into the heart of the Well-Architected Framework and uncover powerful strategies to help you master the five pillars

Why Cloud Direct?

We're recognised as one of Microsoft's leading partners for Microsoft technologies including Infrastructure. This makes us one of Microsoft's most trusted partners in the world!

Helping our customers do more

We’ve proven our ability to reduce spending, improve technical performance, and tighten up governance settings for a wide range of customers operating across many industries.

When private medical insurer WPA came to us needing to reduce their Azure spend – we were ready to help. Our templated best practices and tooling methods reduced their spending by over 30%, unlocking the budget for further strategic projects such as migrating more applications into Azure.

See how we accelerated growth for the Care Database in the Not-for-Profit sector with Azure optimisation work too.

"Cloud Direct has been great. They sat down with us, asked what we were trying to achieve, then worked with us from planning through to implementation. I really value the personal level of service. Being able to pick up the phone and to speak to someone who knows what we’re trying to do from a business perspective makes a big difference."
Tom Bradley - Director of Operations, The Care Database

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