Data Modernisation

Work with the experts to unlock business insights from your data 


Data plays a critical role in modern organisations. It impacts performance, customer satisfaction, productivity and strategic decision making. Modernising data as part of a cloud journey accelerates your growth ambitions. 

Modernise Data to unlock opportunities

With advanced data and reporting techniques, your business can make informed decisions. Used properly, it’s your biggest asset. Extracting valuable insights will steer your business in the right strategic direction.  

Assess your data

We help you understand the state of your data, plan a data optimisation strategy and build an adoption roadmap

Organise your data structure

We make your data accessible by putting it into a consistent format and in a central repository, such as a data warehouse or data lake 

Turn data into insights

We help you make sense of your data by giving you the reporting and insights your business needs with PowerBI 

Manage your data with DBAaaS

Our Database Architects provide proactive and reactive support to your data platform. Including monitoring, alerting, incident management and best practice guidance.

Why Cloud Direct?

We're recognised as one of Microsoft's leading partners for Microsoft technologies including Data & AI. This makes us one of Microsoft's most trusted partners in the world!

Our approach

Data is your organisation’s greatest asset and we want to help you use it to grow your business. Accessing and understanding your data will transform how you make business decisions. Many organisations don’t truly know what data they have, how to access it or how to make sense of it.  

We will work with you to

Identify what data you have
Migrate your data to the cloud
Ensure your data is secure
Organise your data
Access your data
Use your data to drive business insights
Manage and enhance your data estate
"The experience has been beyond our expectations and exactly what we were looking for. We’re very happy with the service received."
Tom Bradley - Director of Operations, The Care Database

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