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Drive Success for Your Modern Work Project

Modern Work is the key to enhancing cybersecurity, reducing costs, and empowering your employees to work from anywhere. However, maintaining control over your evolving environment can be challenging. That’s where our team of Modern Work specialists comes in.

We are here to help you audit and understand the health of your environment, ensuring optimal performance, adoption, and security. Gain the confidence to drive your business forward, adapt to disruptions, and embrace change.

Kickstart your hybrid working environment

Elevate your employees’ experience

Understand how Microsoft’s Modern Work can help you evolve your culture and develop a comprehensive approach that identifies and delivers priority objectives that can transform your workforce.

Automate your business process

By leveraging industry-leading productivity tools, cutting-edge artificial intelligence, and low-code/no-code automation capabilities, you can drive innovation and streamline your business operations.

Stay current and secure

In today’s fast-paced business world, it’s crucial to stay current and secure. Our services enable you to focus on what matters most – protecting your applications, devices, and sensitive data – while empowering your employees to be productive, no matter their device or location.

Gain confidence to take action

At Cloud Direct, we believe in partnership. Benefit from collaboration and a collective effort with our Cloud consultants and experts, who will serve as an extension of your team. Together, we'll visualise your future state, kickstart a business case for modernisation, and enhance communication and collaboration within your organisation.

Visualise the future state
Strategy Icon
Kickstart a business case for modernisation
Communicate and collaborate with ease
Knowledge transfer
Reduce costs
Reduce operational risks

How can you achieve this?

We know it’s not always simple to know where to start. With our experts on your side, you’re in safe hands. We’re here when you need advice and guidance ensuring your environment is running optimally and securely without added expenses. Our experts are available to fit your needs.

Let us help you

We’ll design, implement and project manage the next steps in your cloud journey.

Take the lead

Augment teams with our specialist skills in sprints to keep your project on track and fully under your control.

Propel your business with Cloud Direct

Get all the support you need from a trusted Microsoft Solutions Partner and Azure Expert MSP. We’ve got a dedicated Modern Work practice area and were first to deliver a Microsoft 365 business solution in the UK.

Rather than simply focusing on the technology, Cloud Direct’s specialist engineers listened to our business needs before exploring the different solutions that could work for us.
Sanjay Sood - RSM Global

Let us help you do more with Microsoft 365