Digital transformation is key and it all gets unlocked in the cloud

Technology is constantly changing. And it’s so important to fully understand the impact these changes have on your business. Are your competitors gaining an advantage by adopting new technologies before you? Are you keeping up with the expectations of your digitally-inclined clients and suppliers?

Blink once and you may get left behind. Blink twice and you may be too far behind to catch up. That’s precisely why you need to move to the cloud. Once you’ve migrated safely (and easily), digital transformation is at your fingertips.

All digital transformations need migration But not all migrations are transformative

With Cloud Direct, moving to the cloud is merely step one. It’s the foundational catalyst for a truly spectacular digital transformation. Once migration is complete, we integrate world-class technologies into all areas of your organisation to revolutionise the way you do business.

There are too many benefits to mention. But we’ll give it a go.

Improved Intelligence

Data is the new global currency. And being able to report accurately on your business and market both internally and externally is an absolute game changer.

Engagement & Reach

Leveraging applications, cognitive services and collaborative spaces not only skyrockets your existing customer experience, but also attracts more customers and suppliers than ever before. When you’re serious about your own evolution, they know you’re equally serious about theirs.


Having access to the newest collaborative tools can really transform your workforce. Multiple people needing to work on a single document simultaneously? No problem. And if teams are working out of the same project system, all conversations and documents can be stored centrally for streamlined teamwork.


Stay relevant. Get noticed. Be seen. Digital transformation keeps your organisation in the game. In a fast-paced world where technology faces constant evolution your ability to adapt means your survival.

Freedom of Mobility

Empowering your staff to work better, faster, & smarter has never been easier. No more access limitations or time constraints – Just better business from any device, at any time – night or day.


Get the freedom to scale up or down monthly, depending on your business needs. This means you never pay for more than you use. And you decide when you need more, or less.

Data Protection

The safest products in the world keep your most vital asset, your business data, on lockdown. No more crashing servers. No more downtime.

Moving to the cloud is breezy

But only because it’s our speciality. With our ‘Seven Stages of Cloud Migration,’ we take you safely and securely to where you need to be to start your digital transformation.