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Modernising more than tech

We help ISVs and software-centric businesses scale by modernising their applications to run in the cloud. We know you already have a heap of talent in your business, so we have the flexibility to work with your teams to add value and complement what they’re doing. 

We’ll help you navigate the course of modernising your application. From technical considerations for your application to run efficiently in the cloud (we know Azure like the back of our hand!) through to commercial considerations such as billing models for SaaS or getting your application into the Azure Marketplace. 

Why Cloud Direct?

We're recognised as one of Microsoft's leading partners for Microsoft technologies including Digital & App Innovation. This makes us one of Microsoft's most trusted partners in the world!

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How we can help

App-Mod Assessment

Assess how your application can run optimally in Azure. We will consider the need to Rearchitect, Rationalise, Rehost, Refactor, Rebuild or Replace.  We can even nominate the assessment to be fully funded by Microsoft. 

Application Discovery and Design

Prepare for your project with a detailed business plan. We will work with your stakeholders to gather technical and business requirements, analyse your data and software development lifecycle and provide a design. 

Applications in the Cloud

We can work with your existing developers or do the development as needed to get your application running smoothly in Azure. This can include container deployment with Kubernetes, Cloud Native Development and a TFS to Azure DevOps migration. 

Launch and sell
  • Commercial advice for planning your business model – pricing, billing, business model and contractual changes
  • Help launching into Azure Marketplace and Microsoft Teams to reach more users
  • Support with templated marketing materials and customer comms
  • Compliance for entering different geographies



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We’ve got a whole host of content ready to help you understand the best practices around migrating your application to Azure in our Learning Hub.

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