SERVICE UPDATE – Azure Windows Virtual Desktop: Rapid Deployment

In reaction to the recent unprecedented need for all business to try and function as usual while their workforce is home-based, we’ve updated our Azure Windows Virtual Desktop service for rapid deployment. In a nutshell, this fast-deployed package allows specific employees or departments to access the applications or operating systems they need to do their job by implementing a secure virtual desktop environment while they work from home. Better yet if you already use Microsoft 365 or Windows 10 Enterprise you already have the licenses! Azure Windows Virtual Desktop: Rapid Deployment enables you to:

Access business-critical applications at home, just as if you’re in the office

Now more than ever business continuity is critical. Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) gives your employees’ access to your bespoke applications hosted on-site without any technical restrictions, in the safety if their home whilst still taking advantage of Microsoft’s enterprise-level security.

Utilise existing hardware or personal devices

Even if your teams don’t have a laptop and you can’t justify the expenditure, or you simply can’t manage the logistics required, WVD can be accessed from any personal device. Saving investment in hardware you’ll only need for a few months.

Access, deploy and rollout within four days

Our new remote rapid deployment service can be deployed in just four days, instantly building redundancy and resilience into your business. All of which, of course, be done remotely.

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