Guard Yourself Against Threats – Total Email Protection From Barracuda

High-profile data breaches are making the headlines seemingly every day. Even a passing look athe news in 2019 would have shown breaches at TravelexEquifax and Capital One, to name just a few. What is clear is that it has never been more important to ensure that you are guarding against potential threats. 

Email is still the most popular threat vector. According to a SANS Institute report, 74 percent of cyber attacks originate with an email containing a malicious link or attachment, and attacks are getting more sophisticated as cyber criminals try to bypass security measures by using social engineering tactics that rely on emails that don’t have a malicious payload. 

When it comes to email protection, how do you decide which solutions you need and be sure you are protecting against the range of threats you may be exposed to? 

You need Total Email Protection

Now available from Cloud Direct, Barracuda Total Email Protection ensures that your organisation is secured against email-borne threats of all types. Its multi-layered approach combines the most advanced protection available with the radical simplicity and ease of use that Barracuda is known for. 

What is included in the Total Email Protection Bundle? 

  • Essentials – Award winning email filtering, spam blocking and more! 
  • Sentinel – Protection against spear phishing with intelligent AI detection.
  • Phishline – Spear Phishing simulation tool to create a human layer of defence. 
  • Forensics and Incident Response – Automated incident response to attacks. 

Our team of modern workplace experts are on hand to discuss all things security with you, whether you are just beginning with O365 and looking for a kickstart or are an experienced M365 user looking for the next layer of security to protect your users.

Sounds good, right? 

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