Brett Raynes – Agility in the Cloud


“I think it’s reasonably well understood now that business is moving faster and faster than it ever has. Look at the examples of the social media world of Facebook, Google, Twitter, etc, Instagram, and the speed of adoption of those technologies. So, things aren’t slowing down, they’re getting faster. And if you’re going to compete in that world, it makes sense to say that you’ve got to adapt as things adapt to new competition, new requirements from customers, expectations, etc.

So if you’re stuck with some technology, you don’t have to refer to it as “legacy” or “old” if you like, but if you’re stuck with what you’ve got, it makes logical sense that if it’s one thing you can’t adapt or you can’t change, it’s going to hold you back. If you’ve got a set of technology that doesn’t allow you to do the latest and greatest thing, you’re going to be held back, and therefore at a competitive disadvantage. So, you don’t have to be disparaging about the old world technology, it’s just that it’s automatically going to be old very quickly and therefore consuming stuff as and when you need it from the cloud, makes more sense and delivers agility into the business.”