Brett Raynes – Significant Time in Cloud


“The time we’re in right now is hugely significant. Cloud has been bubbling around under different names, even before the term ‘cloud’ came out, it’s been around – the idea of delivering technology as a service rather than buying kit, has been around for a long time. And it’s been at the early adopter phase.

I think what’s significant now is the fact that it might, and is just about to go, mainstream. And if we can get all that agility and productivity and competitiveness that it actually is there to drive into the 80% of businesses in the UK (i.e. the SMB and not just the large enterprises), then the power that has to improve the productivity of UKplc and drive that innovation in that business, the freeing that that has, is transformational.

And the key to that is making it easy to understand so that it can go mainstream and you don’t need a specialist to buy it. You can just understand it and buy a solution that’s going to fit your accounting firm, etc.”