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We support Professional Services in enhancing customer engagements and streamlining processes through a simplified approach to digital transformation.

By providing practical solutions, we empower these businesses to optimise their operations, foster better relationships with their customers, and stay ahead in today’s fast-paced business landscape.

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Embracing Microsoft 365

The Association of Consultancy and Engineering (ACE) have reduced the risk of breaching GDPR and boosted productivity through a fully managed Microsoft 365 deployment. Their enhanced end-user IT support now attracts top talent and ensures greater security.

Driving expansion with Azure

We facilitated Simarco’s rapid business growth by migrating them to Azure for a scalable infrastructure to support future expansion. With the deployment of Citrix XenApp, their employees gained access to applications globally, allowing the company to capitalise on expansion opportunities and achieve ambitious revenue targets.


Migrating to the cloud

Crondall Energy wanted to increase efficiencies in their existing IT environment while preparing for a pick-up in the market. They wanted a smooth migration to Azure and to have their data stored in two UK data centres. With Azure backup, Crondall has been able to reduce costs and are also considering moving their infrastructure to Azure.

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