Business Continuity Plan Template

Overview: what is business continuity management?

Business continuity management is a holistic management process that identifies potential impacts that pose a threat to business, and provides a framework for building resilience against them. It constitutes an effective response that safeguards the interest of its key stakeholders, reputation and revenue-generating activities.

These impacts – or ‘crises’ – include:

  • Building or site incidents: for example, flood, fire and terrorist threats that affect access to or from buildings and sites
  • Infrastructure incidents: for example, loss of power and communications (computer / telephone systems)
  • Staff / operational incidents: for example, loss of key staff or critical documents
  • Widespread environmental factors: for example a flu pandemic or fuel shortages

This template will cover different operations based at your company headquarters. Where relevant, you should incorporate separate plans for operations based on other sites.

The primary objective of a business continuity plan is to identify risks and outline how your organisation would manage operations under specific adverse circumstances. It will help you as follows:

  • To minimise interruption of normal operations
  • To limit disruption and damage
  • To minimise any financial impact
  • To establish alternative means of operation
  • To train personnel in emergency procedures
  • To provide smooth and rapid service restoration

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