CEO Brett Raynes – Competitive advantage that analytics brings


“You know, “Big Data”…we know about the Nexus of Forces, you know, the four things that are happening that are transforming technology: big data is one of them, social, cloud, mobility.

And I think that when it comes to “Big Data”, I’m not sure the term is the perfect term. It tends to suggest that it’s all about volume, and I don’t think it’s about volume, it’s about complexity of data: data that is across the business. So be that customer service, sales, finance, operations, whatever the business is, you’ve got lot of things to analyse whether you’re a coffee shop or a lawyer, an accountant, there’s a lot of things to understand that can give you an insight into the business. So I think that applies to an SMB in the same way it applies to a multinational business and “big” isn’t the issue, it’s “complex” is the issue.

So we’re absolutely seeing the complex data and “analytics”, is probably a better word, is a key thing for the business and that insight and if they can get that insight through the use of cloud technologies, and then, if they can be more agile than their bigger competitors to use and change as a result of that data, that gives them great advantage. And so, the companies are seeing that and are doing that, are, I think, at a competitive advantage compared to their peers and also compared to the larger players that they typically have to compete against.”